Push of the week.

Push of the week.



the Winchester brothers. i have only watched Season 4 and 5, yet i'm already completely addicted to this supernatural series. i used to skip watching it on AXN thanks to the creepy advertisements they make out of the episodes(i can't take horror movies/series), and i regret so much now because i'm so curious about the beginning of the story and how Dean was like when he was in Hell. 

the sole reason why i love Supernatural : the Winchester brothers.
i'm a girl, okay. i appreciate bromance. i'm often envious of boys because they can man up for their friends all the time and it's like the bond between them will never loosen or break. i like bromance. there is, a huge difference between bromance and gay relationships. i believe bromance is a form of love coming from the real bottom of your heart that has no hints of romantic feelings at all, and you just love this dude/friend/brother because you truly, truly care about them in a brotherly manner. gay relationships, on the other hand, is the boys-like-girls kinda love--except, it's boys-like-boys. get your facts right. bromance do NOT equal to gay relationships.

the second reason why i keep watching Supernatural? Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester.

just look at that smile, okay? 

Google helped. i won't lie, i have the biggest crushes for boys/men with beautiful eyes. and although Jensen's eyes aren't blue, they're definitely still beautiful.

this must be an old photo, but i can't even deny that he looks perfect here! with a HORSE.

i also harvest a sick, twisted love for bloody men in series/movies/games. 
(ironic fact : i am quite afraid of blood in real life, especially if it's gushing out and everything)

by the way, he's 33 this year. and married. 

Jensen Ackles play Dean Winchester like a boss. i love Dean's character. although he might turn out to be an ass in real life, his soft sides for his family and his weak self really brings out the Dean Winchester inside. the Dean who refuses to face reality, who refuses to be weak, who wants to protect his family all the time, more than his own life. Dean may not be the best big brother you will know(he's not exactly the hugging or cooking type), but once you come around to know his true intentions, you'll realize how much sacrifices he's done for you as a brother. it's exactly like that with Dean. 

of course not forgetting Jared Padalecki/Sam Winchester.
(look at the difference with/without fringe. gee, Sam.) 

despite being the 'buffer' or 'hotter' and 'taller' one in the series, i seem to lack interest in Jared. it's not that i hate him, either. i just don't seem to have a thing for him. the actor, i mean. the character's still really cool. he's almost the opposite of Dean. on the surface he's the intellectual one, but inside, he's always angry and violent, sometimes even arrogant, but he's afraid to let all of that show because, well, he IS the vessel for Lucifer.

 and then there's also Castiel/Misha Collins.
Castiel wasn't one of my favorite characters when i first saw him in the series. i thought he would turn out to be really boring and uninteresting. well, apparently, his dullness becomes his greatest asset in the series, because it's always the jokes played on his seriousness, or with it, that are some of the funniest. his relationship with Dean Winchester is also something i'm quite fond of. how Castiel would act as a source of motivation in a very rebellious way. oh, did i mention Castiel is an angel? one who doesn't smile a whole lot throughout the series, unless you count the bloopers. he seems like a really cheerful person in real life, Misha. 

but it's not like i can look at this photo and not think of Castiel, which is just weird because Castiel would never do anything cute like this. or be saddened in such an apparent way.

i maybe a whole lot too late, but hey, at least season 7 is releasing this year in September! if you don't mind supernatural stories like these, blood and gore, too many dudes in a show and too little ladies, then go ahead and watch it! i need season 1,2,3 and 6 so desperately now. 

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